Buyer Guarantee

We at Gogobomo Gear believe in our items and our site.  Our customers are very important to us and to show it we offer each and every purchase a delivery guarantee.

The Guarantee

Your purchase is covered by our own internal guarantee.  We guarantee that:

  1. Your order will have a tracking number.
  2. Your order will arrive within 45 days of shipping notification (generally arrival of orders is much, much faster however there are rare circumstances that may cause a delay).
  3. If your order arrives and an item is defective, we will replace or refund your purchase for that item.

Tracking Number

Each of our orders have a separate tracking number assigned to it when the order ships.  Some orders with multiple items have multiple tracking numbers as we ship items when they are ready to go and sometimes from multiple warehouses.  Your order should have a tracking number and if it does not, please contact us to have one of our support staff look it up for you.

Delivery Time

While most orders to the USA arrive within 5-15 days, some international shipments can take longer to arrive.  Most of the time the delay is with a local customs delay and so we have a 45 day delivery guarantee.  The 45 days allows for any possible problem that may occur in the shipping process.

If you have not received your item 45 days after you received your shipping notifcation, please contact us.  We will give you the option of a refund or a replacement at that time.

Defective/Damaged Item

While it is rare, there are times when you may receive a damaged or defective item.  We do our best to ensure this does not happen, however cannot prevent every incidence.  

If you have received a damaged or defective item please contact us and one of our support team will get details from you.  We may ask for a photo or video of the defective item to add to our records before we can reship a replacement, but we do our best to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of you, our customer.

Customers Abuse of this Policy

We provide this policy in good faith that it will not be abused.  Should a refund be provided to a customer and it is later found to be fraudulent or abusive, we will take steps to prosecute the responsible individuals to the full extent of the laws.  Running a business takes a lot of money and time and fraud hurts our customers as much as it does us.  We wish to prevent this type of abuse so that everyone can enjoy receiving some awesome gear!